Both schools and parents have been pleased with the services received from Massenberg and Associates, LLC. Here are some of the comments from our clientele:

Why did you choose Massenberg & Associates, LLC for speech-language services?

“We like the goals and program they set for the summer clinic which we think is best for our child.”

“After speaking with Dr. Massenberg I felt the summer program could serve my son’s needs. Also, very affordable.”

“The expertise and experience of Dr. Massenberg and the staff is what convinced me. I was not disappointed.”

How was your interaction with Dr. Massenberg and the staff?

“Dr. Massenberg and all the staff are very nice, easy to approach and most of all they are patient which we believe is very important.”

“Everyone was always professional and pleasant.”

“Dr. Massenberg and the staff were always helpful and knowledgeable.”

Would you recommend Massenberg & Associates, LLC to others looking for speech-language services?

“Yes, definitely. Even if it is kinda far and kinda expensive, every penny is all worth it especially if you want the best for you child. Massenberg and Associates, LLC is the best!”

“Yes, I talk about massenberg & Associates, LLC all the time!”.

“I saw such an improvement in my child’s performance. His vocabulary and confidence grow tremendously. He worked well with his partners and enjoyed learning because it was made fun!”

How would you rate your overall satisfaction with Massenberg & Associates, LLC?

“I am very satisfied with Massenberg & Associates, LLC. Massenberg & Associates, LLC continuously provides quality services. Our school clinician was very knowledgeable and acted as part of our overall team. Yes, I would recommend Massenberg & Associates, LLC.” – Principal.

“I am very satisfied with the overall quality of services provided by Massenberg & Associates, LLC. It has been a complete pleasure working with your organization for the 2009-2010 school year. Yes, I would recommend Massenberg & Associates, LLC.” – Principal

“I was very satisfied with the services of Massenberg and the clinician. She is a professional and performed all duties with high quality. Julien was also very professional whenever we spoke.” – Principal

“I am satisfied with the clinician’s knowledge of her specific area of disability. I was very pleased with the service that Dr. Massenberg and the clinician provided for our academy.” – Special Education Coordinator

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