Summer Clinic

As a part of our 7 week program, participants will develop their speech, language and/or sensory and motor abilities through a variety of small group and/or individual activities in a positive, interactive setting. Our intervention incorporates an array of enjoyable learning experiences. A combination of communication intervention and social skills instruction is utilized for children with communication challenges.

Participation is open to individuals with all types of communication disorders including limited receptive and expressive language, Autism Spectrum Disorder, stuttering, speech delay and unclear speech, limited social interaction skills, and hearing and voice impairments.

A complimentary consultation is provided for participants. If a child has a current IEP, parents are requested to bring this and other pertinent information. After this appointment, parents interested in registering their child may do so. Consideration may be given after that date on a space available basis.

For more information or to request a complimentary consultation, please fill out the form below:

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