Special Education Services

Massenberg & Associates, LLC has serviced over 105+ district/charter and non-public schools throughout metro Detroit. Our company specializes in servicing at-risk student populations and is adept in addressing a wide range of student needs.

Our staff of professionals provides evaluations and treatment services on-site in educational settings, ranging from preschool to high school. In these settings, our special education team performs evaluations for various educational impairments, utilizes a creative approach of treatment to stimulate student motivation, maintains written documentation on each child receiving services, conducts in-class kindergarten observations, as requested, and participates in IEP meetings and conferences with parents, teachers and administrators, as needed.

The special education staff at Massenberg & Associates, LLC consists of speech-language pathologists, school psychologists, occupational therapists, teacher consultants, special education teachers/coordinators, special education compliance coordinators and school social workers. All of our clinicians meet the necessary professional standard including ASHA membership and/or state of Michigan licensure, along with having experience with the pediatric population in educational settings. We pride ourselves on working seamlessly with teachers, parents and administrators using curriculum based approaches and RtI.

All of our speech-language pathologists hold memberships in the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Our Speech-language pathologists provide speech and language screenings, evaluations and intervention, as needed. We also participate in kindergarten programs emphasizing phonemic awareness and literacy. Adult evaluations and treatment are conducted, as well.

Our school psychologists are licensed experts that facilitate learning and development while providing services to children, teachers, and parents. Such services include, but are not limited to developing learning objectives and programs; assessment and intervention of identified behavioral disabilities; consultation with administrators, teachers, and parents; and psychological counseling.

Occupational therapy in school settings focus on the student’s ability to perform in the school environments supporting the student’s participation, work productivity, self-care, and the ability to adapt or modify to the task or environment. Other therapeutic techniques include practicing motor skills such as writing numbers and letters, typing and playing, as well as, developing and implementing innovative methods for analyzing and breaking down tasks for students with functional deficits.

Our school social workers are credentialed professionals, SSW, who provide social services and support to maximize the student’s academic functioning. In school settings, social workers address problems such as misbehavior and disorderly conduct and educate teachers and parents on how to manage student problems and behaviors.

The teacher consultants/special education teachers at Massenberg and Associates, LLC are well versed in the special education rules and guidelines. These individuals work collaboratively with the classroom teachers and school psychologists to establish goals and objectives, while incorporating the GLCE’s and Common Core Standards to enable the students to work at his or her maximum level of academic performance.

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