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Picture Categories Galore & More (PCG&M)

A child’s ability to organize incoming linguistic information categorically is one of the most fundamental aspects of language development, usage, and overall communication. Dr. Massenberg is the lead author of Picture Categories Galore & More ® (PCG&M), a comprehensive tool for treating children with language impairments, especially in the area of categorization. PCG&M is a 3-tiered categorical program which successfully targets: 1. Association, 2. Exclusion, and 3. Advanced vocabulary. PCG&M provides an opportunity to improve semantic skills, due to the over 1000 vocabulary words included. PCG&M strengthens categorization skills to improve thought organization, morphology and syntax.

PCG&M includes two stimulus cards per category to address each Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level concept. The Basic set provides only pictures of objects that are similar. The Intermediate set category picture cards have an additional picture included that does not belong with the group. To assist students with transitioning between these two sets, the first 72 picture cards of the Intermediate set are identical to the Basic set, except for the exclusionary picture. The Advanced set of stimuli consists of higher lever concepts for older children. Each Basic, Intermediate and Advanced set is individually packaged for easy organization and portability. The PCG&M includes 340 categories cards. In addition to the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced category picture cards, PCG&M includes a comprehensive list of all the categories and accompanying picture words. PCG&M also includes a list of Expansion Options which is found on a separate card for portability.

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